Wordpress-ssl-certificat-installationProtect your website with an SSL Certificate & improve your search engine ranking

Improve your website online security and search rankings with HTTPS across your website.

What are the benefits of using SSL on your website;

  • Help to secure your login forms to admin areas
  • Help to protect sensitive private data
  • Give your users added confidence in your website
  • Help to improve your website search ranking on Google search results
  • Prevent website spoofing
  • Help to protect credit card numbers

Turn on HTTPS everywhere on your website to give your users a constant, encrypted connection online, not only when they are on login pages. Users trust secured sites and major search engines even improve rankings for pages secured by SSL.

Why should you Use an SSL Certificate on Your Site?

SSL is widely used to secure data transfers on websites when visitors enter their credit card details or other sensitive data like logins, credit card information, or personal details. When websites want to guarantee that their visitor information is secured, SSL Certificates are the most reliable form of data security online available today.
SSL Certificates also include visual trust indicators like the lock on the browser showing that the connection to the site is secure which prove that the Website owner has been verified and that their SSL Certificate is still valid.

SSL to boost your website rankings

While traditional SEO methods to boost website rankings tcan take a long time, installing a SSL Certificate is fast and the SEO boost is immediate. With Google encouraging a safer Internet by giving an SEO ranking boost for sites using SSL, now is the time to buy an SSL Certificate for search rank boost. Take advantage of an easy way to get your site above your competitors.

get-ssl-certificate-insstalled-websiteShould I use SSL across my whole website?

Using HTTPS across your entire site to protect all data your users access or transfer online. At present, most websites only use SSL to secure pages where sensitive data is input, like login areas or payment card details. This causes the user to switch between HTTPS and HTTP areas,which leaves much of the information a user sees online exposed to third parties and other malicious users online.

Using SSL only on secure information page for encryption is not enough to help protect against today’s threats. New methods of hijacking and eavesdropping unencrypted sessions make it easier than ever to steal your users’ information.

Persistent SSL connections online ensures that all pages, cookies, and sessions are secure and that all user data is safe, no matter what page they are on. Using HTTPS everywhere on your site helps ensure that user connections online are totally and completely secure.

Increase Conversions and Create Customer Confidence

Regardless of the type of site or hosting company, SSL Certificates are designed to meet your needs. Our certificates meet all specifications for online security and trust making your site more visible to search engines and trusted by users online.

For the very best in trust and user confidence, a SSL certificate will help to increase customer trust and confidence online. In addition to Google’s recently announced SEO rank boost for SSL-secured sites, Gem Internet recommend using HTTPS as a security best practice.

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