Make sure your website is mobile-friendly by April 2015!

Google is just about to change the way its search algorithm ranks websites. Starting on the 21st of April 2015, mobile-friendly websites – websites which resize to fit the screen it’s viewed on, and which are designed with large, easily clickable links, among other features – will be ranked higher than sites which aren’t mobile-friendly when users search for something from a smartphone or tablet.

Google’s changes in search ranking won’t be insignificant, either. In a blog post announcing the changes, Google stated that they will “have a significant impact in our search results.”

The end result, Google says, is to make it easier for their users “to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimised for their devices.”

With more than 60 percent of search traffic pouring in from mobiles, small businesses – especially ones dependent on local searches – need to ensure they’ve made the necessary changes so that their sites aren’t penalised by the new search engine ranking system.

To help businesses, Google has provided companies with a guide to creating mobile-friendly websites as well as a test to see whether or not the website passes as mobile-friendly.

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Why a poor quality coded website will rank lower in search results

You might think that all websites are born equal. Looking at them in your browser you may not be able to tell a bad website from a good one & why would you? The search engines how ever see things slightly differently.

A poor quality coded website will have amongst other things;

  1. Poor HTML/CSS coding
  2. Bloated (extra) code
  3. Non valid markup
  4. Too much code & too little text
  5. Deprecated HTML
  6. Large un-optimised images
  7. Broken links
  8. Not mobile optimised
  9. Duplicate code
  10. Missing META data

Many website providers are happy to supply websites which may have all of the above!

Web users are now accessing websites through a variety of different browsers & devices & having errors in the websites code can actually break a website on a users browser, which results in a swift exit from the user.

The search engines will show a properly coded website before displaying a poorly coded website in order to give its customers the best experience & deliver to them a higher quality result.

This all makes sense as Google always wants to deliver the most relevant results first.

If you think your website is ranking lower than it should we can check your website to see if you could benefit from our SEO services and get your website back on track, just get in touch today!

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Google warns of poor search rankings for non mobile websites

Google has been altering its search results to improve the mobile search experience for its users.

One of the latest changes is showing a “mobile friendly” tag next to a websites listing in the search results that are checked to display correctly on a mobile device.

To check if your website earns this status you can use the mobile-friendly website test tool.

Google has even started sending warnings to webmasters to inform them that their website is not mobile friendly!

If Google sees your website displaying or functioning incorrectly on a mobile they will email your webmaster account with a warning that your website may not rank as well in the mobile search results.

Needless to say these search results are very important to all businesses online. This underlines the need to have a mobile friendly website, its not an option these days if you value your SEO rankings.

If you would like a new mobile friendly website, or to discuss your SEO please get in touch to see how we can help you.