You might think that all websites are born equal. Looking at them in your browser you may not be able to tell a bad website from a good one & why would you? The search engines how ever see things slightly differently.

A poor quality coded website will have amongst other things;

  1. Poor HTML/CSS coding
  2. Bloated (extra) code
  3. Non valid markup
  4. Too much code & too little text
  5. Deprecated HTML
  6. Large un-optimised images
  7. Broken links
  8. Not mobile optimised
  9. Duplicate code
  10. Missing META data

Many website providers are happy to supply websites which may have all of the above!

Web users are now accessing websites through a variety of different browsers & devices & having errors in the websites code can actually break a website on a users browser, which results in a swift exit from the user.

The search engines will show a properly coded website before displaying a poorly coded website in order to give its customers the best experience & deliver to them a higher quality result.

This all makes sense as Google always wants to deliver the most relevant results first.

If you think your website is ranking lower than it should we can check your website to see if you could benefit from our SEO services and get your website back on track, just get in touch today!

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